How to bet on soccer?

With its worldwide popularity soccer has become a famous game in the world. With hundreds of matches to bet online on every week and countless available markets, some bettors get benefit from guidance when it comes to soccer betting. Everything you need to know about soccer you will get to know on 

Two teams of 11 players compete in a soccer match for 90 minutes of the period. The objective of soccer is simple one team has to score more goals than the other team. 

Soccer betting: Basic bet types

The three most common bet types in soccer betting are 1×2, handicaps, and totals. Among these 3 types, handicaps and totals can be found in almost all types of betting. Here is the description of bets you will find apt.


As the name refers it includes a home win (1), a draw X, and An away win (2). The only difference in money line betting is the draw. This is because the standard line matches are not settled by going into overtime and simply settled in a draw. These 1×2 types of bets deal with three parts of betting, and these parts value a lot when it comes to a match.


Handicap betting in soccer is the same as predicting the outcome of the match. This includes the goal “handicap” that is applied by the bookmakers to counter the difference between the abilities of two teams. The teams of favorites in the market will have the 1X2 market the negative impact to overcome while the underdog will have a positive handicap advantage. 

In order for a handicap to win, the team with a negative handicap must win by a big margin while the positive handicap loses by a smaller margin than the handicap figure.


Totals betting has nothing to do with the winning or losing of the team. It all depends on the number of goals scored in a match is more or less than the limit set by the bookmaker. The totals in the match which is also considered as over or under usually refers to combined total goals scored by both teams in the match. Yet individual team total and first-half totals are also an option in the match. 

Soccer is a beautiful game, and there are more than hundreds of bettors to bet on this game. This is an entertainment plus a source of earning money. Go with these types and you will definitely get benefit from these points.