NBA 2K21 – Season 5 Level Rewards

This is a breakdown of the NBA 2K21 MyTeam Season 5 rewards that players will be getting as they achieve maximum level 40.

NBA 2K21 players who aspire to reach maximum Season 5 level 40 are hard at work. Only those who dedicate serious effort get this achievement. However, you shouldn’t be discouraged if you haven’t got the time and drive to reach level 40. Each level brings a reward. Here is what you get for each level and how much XP you need. Level 1 is the starting level for all players. The reward is Evolution Lebron James. You need 350 XP for level two and you will get one token. If you get 430 XP you climb up one level and get a shoe pack. Get 520 XP for level 5 and a League Series 2 Deluxe pack is yours. Level 6 is achieved at 620 XP and the reward is ascension board 1. You get to board 2 at level 11 for 1850 XP. Board 3 is unlocked at 19 for 7660 XP. The fourth one comes at 22 and 12,150 XP. The fifth is from 26 with 21,250 XP. The sixth board comes at 30 after you get 36,740 XP and the last board is for 36 and 86,000 XP.

Player item cards are also part of the rewards. You get Daequan Cook at level 7. Hamidou Diallo’s item is the reward for level 13. Are you halfway to level 20? Then you get Joe Harris. Just four more levels and, at 16,060 XP, you add Amare Stoudemire to your collection. Buddy Hield is the reward for those who get 28,100 and reach level 28. Mark Price is the reward item for 33. The last player item card is reserved for those who get to maximum level. Players will need to get 150,000 XP to reach it and claim the grand Season 5 reward, David Robinson. Tokens are also on the Season 5 rewards list. You get three at level 8 after you get 1300 XP. Five are obtained at level 16. Ten come as a reward for level 27. At 31, you get 15 of them. For 34, you will obtain 20. If you manage to get to 38, 25 are yours. In addition to player items and tokens, Season 5 also comes with badge packs and collection packs. The badge packs include: Glass Cleaner for level 6, Shot Creator for level 8, Post Scorer for level 19, Slasher for level 17, and more. You will also get collection packs such as Retro 2K Volume and Heat Check. As you can imagine, the rewards get better as you get closer to level 40. You may need buy cheap 2k21 MT coins at MTstacks.